About Us

Welcome to Stakesys

We love nothing more than bashing, forming, rolling, cutting and sticking metal together. If you are on this site you probably feel the same way too. Some people have desk jobs but it's not really for us is it? ……. and if we do have to sit behind a desk during the day then we are probably tinkering away in the garage at every given opportunity in the evenings and on weekends. We love engines, wheels and metallic objects that make noises and go fast!

To enable that experience to be enjoyed to the fullest you need tools that make the job easier, more cost effective enabling you to produce a higher quality product. We try to import and manufacture a selection of exciting machinery and tools from around the world for one purpose - shaping metal. We also try to provide these products at realistic and affordable prices. 

Whether you are the fabricator for a GT race car team, a classic car restoration business or a hot rod builder at home in the garage, we hope to supply you with all the tools to complete the job. Everything we sell we use or have used ourselves in our fab shop here in the midlands.

It’s a basic philosophy - we try new products out for a few months and if we like them, they stand up to the job and we think they make the work easier and more enjoyable - we sell them. If we can’t find a product to do the job or we believe existing products are too expensive, we make them ourselves. 

When you contact us you’ll be dealing with a team with a rich background in fabrication who will be able to offer knowledgeable advice on a particular product and hopefully point you in the right direction. If we can’t help, or don’t stock the product you require, we will be happy to try and source it for you or produce it ourselves.

Feel free to call us anytime – we love to talk shop.